View Full Version : @home network help (p314 router with one ip address)

10-07-00, 02:02 AM
Here is my dilemma, I just setup my home network using a zyxel p314 router (2 computers). Every is pretty much fine. Internet work on both of my machines, and I just forward ports behind firewall to play game. BUT I just find out that we can't play on both computer simultanously. We can pretty much play game with each other on the LAN, but when we try to connect to the internet so we both can play other people, it can't be done? It wouldn't let both computers connect. Just only one computer connect.

So my question is:
Is there a way I can get both computers to play game through the internet? Or this problem is something you have to deal with when using a router with 1 ip address?

If you need more question, ask here or email me at Enkrates@hotmail.com

Please help
Thank You

10-07-00, 02:11 AM
You'll need seperate ip's as far as I know, most @Home systems will issue second ip stacks though. I know mine does, be aware though, @Home won't support anything to do with your second comp., @Home is wonderful ain't it. They will issue the ip's but won't support connectivity of the second comp.

10-07-00, 08:55 AM
in my case I play Half-Life and in my short cut on the desktop I have to change the ports Example for HL -port 27006 or 27007 and so on.every game will have it's own standard ports,basicly you have to tell the router were to send the packets.good luck