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12-30-04, 04:15 AM
Hello clever guys and girls, :confused: :confused:

Please help me on this on:

I have a Belkin Wireless 56Ghz 802.11g router, 8mbit cable connection and a 802.11g 56Ghz wireless Belkin adapter.

When I connect my laptop direct to the cable modem with a UTP kabel my average speed on www.speedtest.nl is around 980 Kb/s (7.2Mbit), so that seems pretty normal. But when I install my wireless router between my cable modem and laptop the speedtest indicates a speed of :eek: 450 - 620 Kb/s :irate: (max 5Mbit). This decrease of speed is caused by the wireless router as I may say so. But I cannot imagine that this is normal.

Windows indicates a signal strength VERY GOOD - EXCELLENT (strength -53DB and noise -88 DB)

I tried to change my channels but it doesn't make any difference. Belkin doesn't know how this latency is caused and cannot do anything. My ISP tells me that the internet connection is ok --> seems true when i connect directly to the modem.


I really good use some andvanced tweaking tips or just a simple work around solutions so I can download with 1MB downstream.

:p The guy or girl that helps me fixing this irritating problem wins a UPLOAD BY ME of 5 GB(movies, mp3, apps, xbox games whatever) to any server he or she prefers. :nod:

:thumb: THANKS IN ADVANCE and keep up the good work here!! :thumb:

12-30-04, 06:03 AM
Gonna take a guess that its the firewall inside the router that may be slowing you down a bit.
Didnt think it would be that bad.

I run wireless b to the laptops and the wired blows away the wirelss all day long.

Dont want any movies either way.

12-30-04, 06:27 AM
:confused: Firewall inside the router??? In my webinterface I cannot see this option, how can I shut it down (if it is installed)? By telnet or other interface to the router?


01-02-05, 05:44 PM
Check out the admin section of the belkin Wireless router.
Look for an option to put the computer outside of the DMZ.
I use a linksys so im not all that familiar with the belkin. On my linksys for gaming modes you could put the computer outside of the firewall so people could join your games without having to port forward. This would allow any traffic to flow through the router.