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10-06-00, 10:41 PM
Work for @Home in Ft. Worth, TX., now I know I may be opening a large can of worms here, judging from the general opinion, I don't see that a majority like the @Home service. Now, We definitely have our fair share of problems, but I would think that most ISP's would experience the same thing. Anyway, this is more of an opinion getter, so GRIPE away, or praise away, however minute the praises might be.

10-06-00, 10:57 PM
i have to say at times @home can be extremely awesome because i would get great pings and/or fast download speeds,but right now i don't really like the @home service because i've been down a week and have to use a slow 56k modem downloading at 5k top and having 300-400 pings.overall on a 0-10 scale i'd give it a 6.5

10-06-00, 11:05 PM
I get great speeds w/AT&T@Home (sustain 400KB/sec easily if the site I'm on allows me to), but sometimes I get a lot (up to 70%) of packet loss to my gateway (usually on the weekends). 9 out of every 10 techs has no clue, prolly can't even spell @home. Ask the same question 5 times, get an incorrect answer 5 times.LOL Plus I get a couple of hrs of down time per month. Oh well, they r much better than PacHell DSL (speed and up time).

10-06-00, 11:14 PM
What were the odds of getting a decent reply off the bat, as far as cable internet goes, it works very well, when it's all working. I guess that's a contridiction. I work out in the field, customer responses I get lead me to believe that most of the problems get lost in the translation. I fix the problem but it is something that is either totally different from the problem "guessed", or it is a modem or account provisioning problem that can be fixed over the phone with a little patience.

glc1- just a comparison, but in our system, we pull down almost every resource for maintenance, without terminating service, on Sat. & Sun.. Honestly don't know if that might be the reason or not, just a thought.

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10-06-00, 11:49 PM
I am extremely happy with my @home connection here in McKinney, TX. I average about 2800+kbps DL and of course I am capped at 128kbps up.

I switched to @home from SWBELL DSL and I am getting about 4 times the speed. I guess it pays to live in the sticks.


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10-07-00, 12:12 AM
Cox@home has been pretty good so far. When I had it installed I lost sync alot the first month. The gave me a credit for the down-time though. I did have to beat on them quite a bit to get the problem solved, but in general I'm happy with the service.


10-07-00, 12:28 AM
Dallas is a pretty clean system, specially the more rural areas, key thing with cable internet is trying to keep out the electronic noise caused from tv's, etc..that's why rural areas are better in some cases. Take Park Cities for example, mostly rich snobs who's internet works half as well as most of us backwoods babies, lol,lol,lol,lol.

10-07-00, 12:48 AM
Originally posted by tc720:
...mostly rich snobs who's internet works half as well as most of us backwoods babies, lol,lol,lol,lol.

haha,man,don't you just hate them!? http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/mad.gif

10-07-00, 01:03 AM
i would have to say i am happy with the service. i usually had a few problems with my dial-up, so i am ok with the occasional problem.

i think most of the problem stems from the fact that cable access is $40 (at least it is here) as opposed $10 a month dial-up, and a lot of people go postal if they are paying four times as much and what they are paying for is not perfect. those people should wait. prices will come down, service will go up.

the tech support is marginal. i would rather hear "i don't know, let me find out and call you back" than something way off base.

all in all, i like being able to download office sr1a in 5-10 minutes better than trying to get my dial-up to work for two days.

10-07-00, 01:12 AM
That's something i've seriously noticed, every internet connection always has it's problems. But the key thing is that high speed internet is more expensive. In theory it's better, so you pay for it, but the price will go down in a matter of time.

Also, a majority of the customers I face would rather hear "I'm not sure" than a load of bull, you hit that nail on the head.

10-07-00, 06:49 AM
@home in New Orleans has been right on time. For the past year been down twice that I recall for no more than 4 hours at a time. And also the @home software does slow things down so I don't use it but with a few tweeks and bypassing the proxy it stands steady. "Knocking on wood" http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/rolleyes.gif

10-07-00, 08:10 AM
Have had ATT since it was available here back when it was TCI. For the most part it has been a great ISP. A few downtimes and glitches from time to time, but overall less problems than when I was using dial-up. I have rx'd 3-4 months free service because of problems and am on a free month now! (Whine enough and they'll pay you!! http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/wink.gif )

Customer (telephone) service people are incredibly retarded and are in automatic-mode for wanting to putz with the customer's setup before addressing the real problem. Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get the nimrod's to just freaking ping my neighborhood to see that it's down!

A couple of months ago my idiot neighbor ran over the cable-dildo and disconnected everyone. Took 30 minutes and then to talk with a supervisor because the "customer service specialist" was dumber than a box of rocks.

soapboxmode : off http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif

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10-07-00, 08:34 AM
Well, considering 8 months ago I couldn't play a game, surf the net, download at above 1 KB/s, I thought @Home was the ****tiest ISP of all. It improved drastically when they added new nodes, and a new router etc. I was flying, anywhere from 70KB/s to 350KB/s. However, now it has gone to **** again, and I am downloading off of the Cogeco@Home FTP at 1.02KB/s. I am in Hamilton, Ontario, with the Cogeco@Home service. I actually recieved my first straight answer from them in 2 years. "Sir, we have alot of university students coming back in your peticular area, and we have our new promotion on now, as you may or may not know, and our network is still in the infancy stages, as we took over the old cablesystem and had to upgrade." "We will do whatever it takes, new nodes, adding additional gateways (as everyone is on the same one in ontario) and etc etc." (It was a female, wonder why I was told the truth) One thing I cannot get from the @Home people are the LIES. Straight out lies. I called less than 20 hours earlier, and I was told by a male tech that I HARDLY had any people in my area on the service.

10-07-00, 08:59 AM
For $40 a month, @home has provided my family and me with endless hours of entertainment, information, frustration, anxiety, rage, fun, comedy, drama, and awe.
I have found ALL the service and installation folks to be courteous and "willing" to help with any problem and there have been many. Some of them, I had to train....if you know what I mean!! http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif To experience the net with a screaming cable connection, is a pleasure and one that I have enjoyed for almost a year. To see my downloads jump from 5 (dialup) to over 350 KBs makes it worth the the learning curve that has been necessary for all of us. I feel that it wll only get better and as with most things.....a sense of humor and some patience on my part usually determines the end result. Happy Surfin', Everyone !!

10-07-00, 09:35 AM
I have been using insight@home in southern Indiana for several months now. I can`t realy complain about it especially after coming from good old unreliable dial-up.

My speeds are average around 350KB most of the time (basing that on what I see others report here)and have not really had alot of down time, just a little here and there.

Only thing I haven`t been happy with is their Tech Support. I guess they do what they can but seems like they always give you the same rehearsed speech for any problem you might have.

Bottom line all in all I would rate them here in my area an "8" out of "10".


10-07-00, 11:10 AM
Hey I was told by A MALE TEc from Rogers@home the same thing "There are not alot of people on your NODE"and I thought that was total BS I Have around 193 people on my NOde and i get ok speeds somtimes from 100kb/s to 450kb/s down and up i get 200kb/s

10-07-00, 02:48 PM
I thought of a question over night, when you try to get @Home Tech Support after a certain time of night, do you automatically get tier 2 techs in calif., if so, I feel everybody's pain. I'm an employee, probably know more than they do, and I still have to argue with them to get anything done. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/confused.gif

10-07-00, 02:51 PM
I thought of a question over night, when you try to get @Home Tech Support after a certain time of night, do you automatically get tier 2 techs in calif., if so, I feel everybody's pain. I'm an employee, probably know more than they do, and I still have to argue with them to get anything done. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/confused.gif

10-07-00, 04:18 PM
Mad@Home, I live right beside Hamilton and I'm on Cogeco as well. What is the FTP address for their site? I never got it.

10-07-00, 06:40 PM
JuggerNaut, is your upload still 40KB/s? Mine went down to 16K AGAIN. INFO: ftp2.cgocable.net use anonymous/yourmail@home.com

10-07-00, 06:46 PM
I love my cogeco@home!!!!

I get fast d/l and 384 kbps ups at all times of the day. A consistant gateway ping of 13-15ms

I'm in Windsor btw.

10-07-00, 09:47 PM
Good evenning tc720

I have AT&T@Home here in south Grand Prairie, TX I live only 5min from Arlington actually. My service is pretty bad most of the time. Now I heard from someone that Grand Prairie is on a low priority of things, if so this is very sad indeed.

I've had the service since April '99 and I've seen it through it's fast times, use to get 600-900KB/sec download EASY as pie! But Now adays it's WAY slow, I'm lucky to get to 300KB/sec and mostly stay around 100KB/sec. And my upload has always been capped at 128kbps, which I hate too.

My PIngs to my Gateway are HOrrible all the time, sometimes it will be up to 1300ms to my own gateway! And online gaming is always very bad for me because of way high pings.

I'm running a motorola cybersurf wave cable modem, so we are still proprietary, Not DOCSIS yet. Who knows when that will ever happen here, or if it will even help, I'm hoping it will cause we really need new hardware around here. And I have a strong feeling my node is way overcrowded.

It use to be good for me a year ago, but now it's horrible...

10-07-00, 10:48 PM
Hey at least you have something faster than 56k Brent. I have been waiting forever for ATT@Home to get thier act together and finish installing the damn cable here in Dallas. They told me that it was supposed to be July 31st, but that date has come and gone, and now all they say is it could be next week or it could be the end of the year. So, tc720 or anybody know when the hell the service will be available Dallas?

10-07-00, 11:26 PM
My opinion as of late is my @Home service as of the past 4 weeks been really bad, and the past couple of days worse than dial-up since it's been 400ms constantly. It used to give us about an 8 hour break in the early morning with good speed. Perhaps I was too spoiled with a dial-up that gave me around 120ms in games etc. If this doesn't clear up soon I'm back to dial-up http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif Thats pretty sad when you pay 2x that of 56k and get download speeds only 2-3 times faster than 56k, and ping times 3x higher :

10-07-00, 11:34 PM
Oh, and for those in Tucson, AZ I feel your pain, too. Service there is looking almost the same as where I'm at. For those of you that get "service" from them, congrats, although you're lucky :P

10-08-00, 01:03 AM

Sorry to hear about the slow speeds, but being non-docsis does make a very big difference overall. Charter will be completly DOCSIS by OCT. 15, if all goes well.

Basic run-down of what keeps a cable modem running. You can have the best modem, the best service, the best of everything, but if the signal that keeps that modem in sync and running properly is not there, it's all futile.
Why is that important? because if that signal drops out of range, you're offline, just like that. No amount of phone calls will change that fact. I'm sorry, back to my point.The measurement for the signal cable companies use is (db). DOCSIS modems run in a range of -15 to +15 (db). Non-DOCSIS modems run in a range of -5 to +5 (db). That's important because not only do you drop off if you go out of range, but if you borderline either high or low, you start getting slow speeds, packet loss, high ping rates, etc.. All because the line strength is compromised somwhere. So, if you go back to what i've said, DOCSIS modems are better simply because it's easier to stay in range. You'd be surprised how many cust. problems are a direct result of that.

10-08-00, 08:13 AM
@Home has ruined my life . <<< !


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10-08-00, 10:24 AM
<--works for comcast@home

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