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10-06-00, 02:47 PM
When i got home from school today I saw acouple of trucks outside of our house and I was wondering what they were doing and so i looked on the side of the Utility truck and it said MASTEC and I'm wondering if anyone has this isp and how fast it is.?/

10-06-00, 02:51 PM
I just checked their site. I don't think they r an ISP. It's looks like they provide ISPs w/bandwidth/networks kind of like Covad does for DSL providers.

From www.mastec.com (http://www.mastec.com):
MasTec plans, engineers, installs, and monitors fiber optic networks that deliver cable television, interactive video, and high speed Internet access to the home. These services meet the increased consumer demand for entertainment and information services, which is increasing at a tremendous rate.

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10-06-00, 05:22 PM
Hey guys when i got home from school today i saw 4 18-wheeler trucks and on the side it said "NASA" and i asked and they said they are installing a oc-192 on my street, and im wondering if that is an ISP and how fast it is?

Cable Guy
10-06-00, 06:58 PM
That sounds pretty fast!

Its the cable guy!

10-06-00, 07:01 PM
And the spammers r out in full force this weekend. Don't pay any attention to them, SpeedyGonzolas http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

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10-06-00, 09:20 PM
Lol Veech nice..

Nothing better to do my friend??


10-06-00, 10:52 PM
Work for @Home, Mastec is our cable/fiber construction contractor.