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12-26-04, 08:28 PM
Somehow, I have messed up my wireless network so that it think's my son'e computer (client) is the host. I have a cable modem which is connected to a DI-524 router, connected to my computer. I had two network icons in the systray, and it appeared that one of them thought my son's computer was the host. I tried to fix it, and now the network doesn't recogize me -- It says that I do not have acces to the network. Please help -- the more I do the worse it gets!


Spikzmom :confused:

12-28-04, 09:23 PM
Chances are your router is serving internal IP addresses, so I'd set the TCP/IP Network Adapter properties to obtain an IP and DNS address authomatically, then reboot.

12-30-04, 04:12 PM
Thanks, Philip.

The network is configured to assign an IP address automatically. I think that by trying to correct my connection issues, I somehow installed 2 networks. I have 2 icons in my systray - one is the LAN that says it's communicating at 100 Mbps, and the other is the Internet gateway that is communicating at 10 Mbps. I'd like to delete the settings and start over, but when I click "disable" nothing happens. Do you know how I can delete all of the current network settings and start over from scratch?