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10-06-00, 02:43 PM
Hi nothing to complicated. I have Mydesktop setup cable modem thru Linksys router and hub. I can connect my laptop to the hub and surf using the cablem modem with no problem. That part I have forgotten how to do is how can network the 2 machines if I wanted to share files. I know I need to enable file sharing etc for all the hard drives but are there specific settings I need to enter like IP, Submask #'s espcially now that I have a router also. Thanks in advance. Oh My desktop uses W2kPro and the Lapto is Windows Me. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

10-06-00, 02:59 PM
R u using the router's DHCP server to assign IPs to ur systems? For 2k, u need to enable the guest account or create a user so the ME system can log on to the 2k system. U also need to share drives under both OS's.

10-07-00, 07:01 PM
Thanks for all your help I am such a moron. took me 2 days before I read your reply again and realized that the guest account was never enabled. Once again thanks http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/tongue.gif

10-07-00, 07:07 PM
laithmeister, I could use some help setting up my Linksys DSL Router. I have a similar configuration that you have except I have 2 desktops. My problem is that I can use the local network just fine. I can't the Cable Router part to work. In other words, I can't surf the net from either computer. I had to reset my config to it's original just to get on-line to do this... TIA

10-07-00, 08:51 PM
Make sure the router name in the router setup is screen is your computer name. The name that the DSL company gave you.
The domain name is the subdomain name that also DSL company gave you. I have cable modem and those 2 items where provided to me by the cable company when they set up the account. They handed me a piece of paper with all the settings (gateway, IP, Subdomain, netmask etc.. ) I am not sure if your DSL company provided you with similar info. but you will need it. Also before setting up the router you will need the exact email address like the pop etc. Look in the back of the Linksys handguide and look for the trouble shootong section about accessing email account. It tells you about running certain programs to get specific email server information. If you need anymore help just email ghshubbar@home.com Also check out this website review of the Linksys they have some nice setup info.

10-07-00, 09:33 PM
One thing I forgot to mention is to de-select detect Lan setup automatically and any proxy server stuff.