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10-06-00, 11:13 PM
Is there anything I can do on my end to reduce the number of hops to get to a server. I use RR, last night I was checking routes. I checked the CS server we run whick is 25 miles from my house. It took 26 hops. Here is a example of the route herndon VA, down to Charolette NC back up to tysons corner DC, back to NC into Atlanta. Im I just stcuk with bad service or is there anything I can do. PS: My buddy who lives about 2 miles away he is on a different service 8 hops to get to the same server.

10-06-00, 11:21 PM
I don't think there is anything u can do on ur end. Have u asked ur ISP?

10-08-00, 02:21 AM
There really isn't anything you can do for your level of service you are paying for.

The ISP has contracts with major backbone providers. Your ISP doesn't have Exit routers in your city, so you have to go to the closest city and exit onto another backbone (which your ISP pays a premium to be able to allow access for their users into the internet.)

From there you are at the mercy of other Backbone providers until you reach the ISP your server you are connecting to is on.

If you were a major corporation you could pay for a level of service and entrance and exit routers that would drop your bits where you see fit.

But because you are a consumer you are left with how your ISP pays for "their" level of service from their providers which they pay for out of your subscription fee.