View Full Version : XP Wireless Network Timeout option

12-25-04, 10:04 AM
Is there an option/hidden setting which allows you to set-up the time out for the Wireless Network?

I have the following problem:-

I have a 3COM ADSL Wireless Router and Linksys USB 11b Wireless card, using channel 2, 11b only, WPA encryption, XP Pro SP2. I have found the best set-up for it, but still get the problem when it losses the connect it may not reconnect.

Hover over the icon in the system tray it just says Access Point instead of the name of the wireless connection. Sometime it will automatically reconnect and sometimes not, hence looking for a timeout option. If I right click and select repair it always connects.

The following are the default setting I am using:-


I have already updated the firmware for the 3com and updated the drivers for the linksys.

Thanks in advance