View Full Version : If I had a 2.4Mbit connection, how fast?

10-06-00, 10:02 AM
What if I had a 2.4Mbit connection, how fast would I be able to download at optimum conditions in k/sec and Kb/sec. Thanks!


Lex Luthor
10-06-00, 10:05 AM
I'm going to assume it's DSL, since cable companies probably won't give you that much detail.

With DSL, you lose about 15% due to overhead.

So, if your max is 2.4Mbs, that would really be about 2Mbps = 2000kbs = 250KBps.


10-06-00, 10:10 AM
That was a fast reply! Thanks alot!

Cable Guy
10-07-00, 12:11 AM
What about k/sec?

Its the cable guy!

10-07-00, 12:16 AM
Originally posted by Cable Guy:
What about k/sec?

KBps = kilobytes per sec; Kbps (or kbps) = kilobits per sec