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10-06-00, 02:49 AM
When I download, after using the Win98 Cable Patch (Cox@HOME user, PIII500 128 MEGS RAM, bla bla bla), I get crazy download speeds, 2475kps dl, and the upload always sucks anyways, so I won't bother...
1) Sometimes, when I download from say, download.com or any other site for that matter, the Save as window comes up, and I save the file, it NEVER initializes the Download, just the retarded window with no avg. speed reading or info on current KB downloaded. Same in Netscape, too. It goes away when I revert back to the default settings. I tired a Rwin of 65535 (?) and that 372300 one. Same results. Doesn't happen all the time, but more often that not. Also,
2) If I do happen to get a good download going, the mouse just jumps around like I was burning a CD-R with an old External drive! (NO, I am not buring at this time.) Kinda as "If you were to close Photoshop with 16 megs of RAM on a P166" type of mouse jumping\glitching.
3) On AOL, yes AOL, my sister uses it, and me sometimes, when I go to download a File from my email attachment, it downloads VERY QUICKLY (TCP\IP:AOL PLUS), quicker than before the tweaks, BUT BUT BUT: the hard drive grinds in little successions after each percentage change, kinda like this (er er er er er.... ya I know that was dumb). It's a 7600RPM 13.6GB, so I know it can handle........

What could be causing this commotion?
No virus scanner running, I just want RAW speed and this is making my connection retarded, straight up.

Sorry so long of a post, But this group has a GRIP of SWEET INFO, thanks everyone....

10-06-00, 03:16 PM
Ya i did actually try and mess with the vcache and read ahead cache,I did it manually I didn't use Cacheman this time.But it never grinded like that at all, smooth as silk. Ya, I think you are right though, Thanks alot man, jeeka

PS. anyone know hoe to OC o Dell XPST500 (P3) . I have heard that they locked it, so the bus speed is fixed. Thanks again everyone.

10-06-00, 03:22 PM
I get faster d/ls on AOL then i do on IE sometiems, wierd as hell, if someone knows the answer let me no..

10-06-00, 03:25 PM
IE doesn't always report the correct speeds (known issue).

10-06-00, 03:30 PM
The Dell XPS is not more locked than any other machine. Problem is that the mainboard doesn't support more than 100FSB.

Maybe you have a IRQ conflict somewhere?

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10-06-00, 03:36 PM
another thing to look at:

if your temporary internet files folder is filling up, it might cause that type of action as it tries to clean up enough old stuff to make room for whatever you are currently downloading.

try deleting your temporary internet files (or clear file cache on netscape) and see if that helps.

10-07-00, 12:32 AM
have you done anything to your cache or virtual memory??

there is a program i use called cacheman that optimizes the cache. maybe try that.

sound like something with the hard drive, perhaps bus mastering or dma setttings??

maybe someone here has some in depth knowledge on what to look at with the stuff i mentioned.