View Full Version : from bangalore to everyone on this bb

10-06-00, 01:04 AM
hi everybody,
im from bangalore, india and have just started internet over cable on my cable network.
i seem to be facing lot of fluctuations of noise levels on my return path. any remedies u guys can suggest.

10-06-00, 01:13 AM
Noise is a sign of interference so maybe u need to upgrade/replace exisitng cable? Just a thought, not really sure on this one.

10-06-00, 01:49 PM
May be its the Tamil rebels hacking into your system. LOL just kidding I think a new cables or checking the wires couldn't hurt. Also how good is your NIC card?

10-06-00, 02:34 PM
india? wow,they have cable in india?

10-06-00, 05:18 PM
thanks guys. im still a newbie to all this.

10-06-00, 05:19 PM
No problem!