View Full Version : Windows 2000 and DSL. Does it speed up your connection?

10-06-00, 12:18 AM
I've heard that Windows 2000 is better optimized for users with fast connections. I currently use Windows 98 and have a DSL connection, does anyone know if using Windows 2000 instead could possibly speed up my connection?

10-06-00, 12:36 AM
Originally posted by XpunkXkidX:
I've heard that Windows 2000 is better optimized for users with fast connections. It is. The TCP/IP stack has been through a complete overhaul since NT4. However, don't buy Win2k just for this feature. Not all games, apps, or hardware/peripherals will work under 2k. WinMe, who's TCP/IP stack has also been completely overhauled and is based on 2k's, may better suit u. ME is more stable than 95/98 and handles resources better than 95/98. Of course, 2k is MS's most stable and resource smart OS yet.

10-06-00, 12:48 AM
From personal expierence with tweaking the win2k tcp/ip stack is better at ping times and overall bandwith..

10-06-00, 08:38 AM
2000 Pro does seem to be a litle faster than 98 and ME. However do remember it is not compatible with some software.


10-06-00, 09:26 AM
My Windows2000 Pro system consistently downloads faster than both of my 98 machines. I haven't benchmarked my ME system yet. NT4.0 was slower because of the way the stack was built, but since they rebuilt those properies for 2000... there is a noticeable improvement. Don't get 2000 just for that though, or just for games. A lot of games are still unstable, or least, in my observations, have lock-ups occassionally. It's a good, stable operating system for business needs...