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12-11-04, 03:32 AM
Hello Everyone,

I am living in a basement suite and sharing cable Internet with my upstairs neighbors. They have the cable coming in upstairs to a USR 8054 router and are plugging their computer directly into it. Downstairs where i am i have a Win XP box with a USR 5416 wireless NIC connecting me to the Internet.

Now the problem is that at least once a day (more most days) it gets disconnected then it will reconnect in a second or minute or five minutes. The connection can also (but not always) slow down and die.

Most of the time (unless slowing down and dieing) the connection strength is good.

Any ideas? I'm fairly new to wireless networking, so if i haven't provided enough info for my issue to be resolved pleas ask, i'm happy to let you know anything you need to know to help :)


12-11-04, 03:53 AM
Hello, my sister uses wirelss networking. I will go ask my sister about it. If she knows something, I will tell you right away!! :thumb:

12-11-04, 01:44 PM
Thanks White_Mage :)

12-11-04, 01:50 PM
It is possible that something is interfering with it at that time... I'd first try to determine whether it's just the wireless connection, or the cable upstairs dies too.

It could be interference from cordless phones, etc. - you can try running on a different channel, and checking the signal strength.

I hope this helps.

12-11-04, 06:11 PM
Hi Philip,

I have asked them, and they say that it is pretty steady, but occasionaly it will stop completely for them (and me) and they have to reset the modem to get it going again. I'm assuming this is another problem, and that i see it as well, but with the connectivity probs i'm having anyways it may be maked a bit for me...

Does that help?


12-12-04, 12:01 AM
According to other websites WM found, I can provide links for you later Gnatbot, your wireless router isn't very reliable. Others have been having the same problems and from what WM told me it was just due to being a bad router.

Hopefully someone else can also put in some 2 cents.

12-12-04, 01:54 AM
Here are a couple links WM sent me.




12-12-04, 02:20 AM
thanks for the links *cho*. looks like the problems i'm having are somwhat common, and i haven't found the resolution yet. I did a firmware upgrade on the router about a month ago and that didn't seem to help either. looks like the next step for me is to email USR and see what they say. I'll post back if i figure it out, and i'll keep checking back in case anyone else finds anything.

Thanks for the help guys :)