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12-09-04, 12:04 PM
We purchased a new server system and purchased a Gigabit Ethernet Switch, to change the network from peer to peer on BNC, with the understanding we would be able to connect a DSL modem to the Ethernet Switch and all workstations would be able to access the internet through it. Our local DSL installer came out and could not get it connected but was not allowed by his own company to look into our server to look at settings. Can someone tell me if this will work or will I need a router connected to the switch, or would it be easier just to insert a second NIC card just for the DSL modem.

If connecting it to the switch will work can you give some insight on the steps needed to get it up and runnming or maybe a site that has it already.


12-09-04, 07:43 PM
It sounds like you answered your own question.

Try this. Disconnect every computer from the switch except one. (You may have to reboot the computer.)

If you can connect, that means you only get one IP address from your ISP. In order to share, you will need to get a SOHO router (such as a Linksys or D-Link).

(By the way, your ISP should have immediately picked up on this, if this is indeed your problem.)

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