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12-09-04, 09:34 AM
In cleaning out my water blocks I decided to only cool the CPU for the sake of simplicity.
The catch was that I had mounted RAM sinks on it that wouldn't allow the stock cooler to be re-mounted. *(Lesson here is I'll never water cool a video card again.)
Not a big deal since I have a Dremel. After a simple "ECN" I'm able to mount the HS to the card. Mind you I was grounded and removed any burs and shards from the mod. So I go to install the card and I get intermittent HW failure and partial display corruption. :(
Again, not a big deal. I head out and grab an x800 Pro to replace it in the mean time. On the positive side I have a shiny new card. The con is it cost me money and I'm out the cost of the XT until I can fix it.
Now I already checked the voltage and looked at the core under a scope. Everything seems fine. In reality the scope won't let me detect any internal damage to the core.
So I'm on my way to grab some 99% IPA to give the board a good once over. I don't know why but I've seen this fix boards before. Hopefully it will in this case too.

The moral to the story is water cooling a GPU isn't worth it IMHO anymore and I have a new toy I really can't afford. Still it's a new toy nonetheless. :2cool:

As for this X800Pro, I can't wait to play with it. I do plan on putting a Arctic Cooler Rev4 on it though. ATI's stock cooler just doesn't impress me at all.

Oh I almost forgot; if someone want's to buy an unreliable outdated video card , I'd be willing to part with it for the low price of $10,000. j/k :rotfl:
If I can get it to work Dragonlily will be getting an upgrade though. :thumb:

12-09-04, 10:47 AM
oh, I thought this was a babe thread.

12-09-04, 11:54 AM
oh, I thought this was a babe thread.
You and the rest of SG already got an eyeful of the goodness when Dragonlily posted her sexy.jpg. :2cool: Now quit being stingy and buy my $10,000 broken card. :p

12-09-04, 02:05 PM
I'll give ya 7500 for it. NO MORE. :D

Did yiou break a 9800 or a x800?

12-09-04, 07:41 PM
I'll give ya 7500 for it. NO MORE. :D

Did yiou break a 9800 or a x800?
The 9800XT. Kinda convienant though since I get the upgrade out of the deal.
I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get it working agian.