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12-02-04, 07:26 PM
I am looking to add my two network capable printers to my LAN and am wondering best way to do it.

Current setup. I have a Linksys BEFSR41 (Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port Switch) that is connected to my cable modem connection and one port goes to my PC. From 2nd port on BEFSR41 switch I am running a CAT5 cable thru unfinished basement to another room (home office) where I have laptop and two printers; the printers are currently connected via USB ports of laptop.

I want to be able to print direct to both printers from either PC/laptop. One solution is to run two additional Cat5 cables from switch into each printer but seems unnecessary.

I would like to buy another switch/hub (ie. Linksys EFAH08W 8-Port 10/100 Auto-Sensing Hub) that I place in home office that I run existing cable to and then branch 3 short cables from new switch to laptop and two printers.

Questions, can I run one switch into another? Will I still get an internal IP for laptop and still have internet connection?

I have a small 8 port 10 Mbps hub and tried it but laptop does not see internet. Why not? What should I be doing differently, as hub has no configuration and from what I can read on Linksys 8 port switch, it does not either.


12-03-04, 01:59 PM
Yes...the key is, such as in your existing case...when going from switch to switch, or switch to hub...or hub to hub...one of them must be using an uplink port (but not both). If none of them has an uplink port...then you need to use a crossover cable.