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11-30-04, 07:48 AM
I am using a Belkin 802.11G Wireless/DSL Router. It is set up with 2 wired PC in a building 100 feet from my home. I have a wireless laptop (802.11b) that I am trying to use in my home. I can receive a very weak signal in 1 room of my house. I purchased a Hawking Hi-Gain Antenna (HA115SC) to try to up the signal range. I now find that the Belkin has a non-removable antenna. Is there anyway to remove the antenna and use the Hawking antenna? I also purchased a Belkin Access Point to try to solve the problem. Only problem there is that it has to be wired to the original router and I do not have cables running the 100 feet to my home. Any suggestions? I know there must be a way to improve the signal......but I am somewhat limited in my networking/wireless knowledge. Please help!

12-06-04, 04:13 PM

The belkin access point---try using that as a repeater.

Initially--you will need to set it (AP) up on the router--but after the setup---you can remove the LAN cable, take the AP to a site where the signal is decent, plug in the power--hay presto---u will increase your range. Belkin have a 24 hr phone line to help you set it up.

If this does not work--http://www.tritium.co.uk/

Get the flatennae--fits over your antennae--and extends the range by 2-3 times--in the direction that it is pointed. The belkins have 2 antennae anyway--so u should be OK. Have used this iwth good results. It is cheap and works.


A K Modi

06-07-05, 01:17 PM
does this flatenne work with a belkin 802.11b Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Router ? i just ordered it. hope it works?