View Full Version : Will Gcard work for my system?

11-28-04, 09:39 AM
Look below at my system specs.. which yes is a Dell and a 250watt PS
What I'm wonderin is will the BFG Technologies GeForce 6800 GT OC 256MB GDDR3 AGP Card work in this PC? If not what is the fastest Nvidia Card that I can throw in it?

11-28-04, 10:59 AM
can u call dell and see if they have a better psu that u can install?

11-29-04, 04:36 PM
yeah I'll do that.. I also found this one site for dell 8200 upgrades and this guy recommends a certain PS.. so I'm assuming I'm going to need at least a 400watt PS for the major cards huh..

11-29-04, 05:13 PM
See if the Dell Board is ATX- and see How much room you have in the Case for a New Antec P/S - I had a Compaq That I went to a Antec P/S and worked Ok

The Plug will look like This (This is a ATX P/S on a Tester)


Duz !!