View Full Version : Need help: increase RAM to 512 MB

11-28-04, 02:12 AM

My computer is using Intel PII 450 MHz, 128 MB RAM. I wish to increase the RAM to 512 MB. I have some stupid questions:

1. Which RAM should I use?

2. How can I check the specification of the existing hardwares of my computer (e.g. frequency of CPU and RAM, etc..)?

11-28-04, 02:26 AM

Download that. What does it say for "FSB" (CPU tab), "Type" (Memory tab), and "Frequency" (Memory tab).

Or, if you can, just a screenshot of it would work nicely.

11-28-04, 06:21 AM
You'll be using PC100 DIMM
Best thing to do, is select your memory from a manufacturers site that has a selection utility, such as www.crucial.com
Select your brand of computer/motherboard, then the model, then voila...it products a list of memory tested and 100% guaranteed to work with your system.

11-28-04, 10:49 AM
I beleive I have 2x 256MB sticks I used to use in a 500Mhz AMD system.