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11-28-04, 01:49 AM
before somebody says it, i did a search and couldn't find an answer that helped and included the use of cable internet

ok here is my situation

1 laptop, just formatted and winxp pro installed
1 pc, just formatted and winxp pro installed
1 cable modem (optusnet)
4 port hub, Netgear (cheap $30 hub)

i have my modem connected to the hub and the pc and laptop all connected to the hub with cat 5 cables.

i want to share internet and get a network running, when i connect it all up i cant get the internet working on the laptop and the network isn't showing... i have run the network setup wizard a number of times

i have enabled printer and file sharing and sharing of all harddrives

i cant get the internet working on both at the same time, if i disconnect the pc from the network then the internet works on the laptop

i have also tried connecting the cable modem to the pc through usb and straight from the cable modem to the laptop through the ethernet card,
that also doesn't work, once again the internet only will work on one of the computers at a time, not both at the same time, in my cable modem manual it said this should work

my main aim is to get the internet on both computers without having to to have the main pc on, so i can just turn on whichever computer i want and have the internet working, but if i can i want to get the network working with the internet

is there any good networking software for win xp that could help me in the above situations


12-22-04, 08:43 PM
Get rid of the hub and get yourself a router.
Many new brands out there


They all work. Might want a 4 port wireless router so your laptop can work wirelessly and the router can be placed where the desktop is (assuming your cable modem is there too.)

Run the RG-6 wire (cable wire) to the cable modem.
Hook up the Cat 5 wire (ethernet wire) from the modem to the WAN port on the router.
Hook up the Desktop to port 1-4 (you pick)
Get a wireless nic card for the laptop.

All pcs will be able to surf the net reguardless of any pcs being online or offline.
You can then network the laptop and the desktop together to fileshare