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11-17-04, 11:58 AM
What is the differance between an X800 Pro and an X800 XT?
i know its a slight preformance differance cause i looked on "Hard ocp"
I just bought an X800 Pro and im starting to think that maybe i should have gotton an X800 XT? but i have been hearing things about the X800 XT's pipline things hurting it instead of making it fast :confused: . I am realy confused so any help would be great. :confused:


Whitewulf :)

11-17-04, 12:17 PM
the only difference is performance

x800xt is faster

x800pro is slower

but both are very fast in the latest games

11-17-04, 09:45 PM
You have to watch those [H] guys. Am I rite Brent?? ;)

The added pipelines on the XT don't impede it's performance. A VIVO X800, BIOS modded to enable the additional pipe would be a different story.
As for regretting your decision you bought a good car IMO. Just enjoy it, than latter when it fails to do what you want it to you can always upgrade.