View Full Version : Opera makes my game (counterstrike) run smooth, how is that possible?

11-15-04, 12:08 PM
In counterstrike their is a command "net_graph", this shows you how good the connection is and PC CPU usage so to speak with graphs. The upper graph shows the CPU usage, the straighter the line the better. My line is constant choppy with little waves, but here's the strange part, when I start Opera and open up EXACTLY 3 windows with different homepages and go back into counterstrike THE LINE IS STRAIGHT like it's not using CPU at all and my PING actually lowers with 10!!

The problem is this, the system gets unstable randomly with the CPU usage skyrocketing and I get a ping jump accordingly. I HAVE to keep my game smooth and keep it that way without these heavy interruptions.

I think it's the Opera programs fault, since it never happens when it's turned offThe game works but with 10 ping higher then normal and ingame bullets hits worse.