View Full Version : need help wit cable Rogers @home badly-speed max 45kpbs

10-05-00, 08:39 PM
i dun know why but that's my max , i've tried sguide_tweak_98 but that doesn't help at all!! i've also called rogers but they say they don't know what's wrong. This is constant even at 5 am in the morning!!! and really making me mad, if you know of something that can help me all suggestions will be welcome!

i've heard on uncapping or something mayb someoen can teach me how to do that??? thx i really need help

10-05-00, 09:11 PM
If you are running Windows 98 you will need two patches.
You can find them on this home page.
I had Rogers for 6 months had the same problem. They did not have a clue.
I cancelled did not pay them a dime and joined Sympatico. They new right away what the problem was.

10-05-00, 09:37 PM
found mtu and downloaded it, but it says can't find a modem in registry or something... where do i find other file? been looking all over almost

10-05-00, 10:31 PM
The ipacoff.inf file is on your Win98 CD.

Start > Find > Files or Folders > Change the list box "look in" to the drive letter of your CD drive and search for the file.

Once it comes up on your results screen right click it and select "install".

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10-05-00, 10:34 PM
Btw, whereabouts are you in Toronto Brinaldo? There's a mighty good chance that I'll be switching from Sympatico's adsl service to Rogers@home.

I'm in Ajax, so I'm fairly confident the speeds should be good.