View Full Version : Napster and The Speed

10-05-00, 08:59 PM
Anyone think that we will notice a improvement in speed (if/when) napster gets shutdown?

10-05-00, 10:47 PM
good question,if it ever does,i think and hope we would get better speeds.as much as i like music,i like my download speeds better and wouldn't mind if napster shut down so i could get faster speeds.

10-05-00, 11:47 PM
I personally dont want to see napster get shutdown..ah..who cares if it does..just use napigator to get to an opennap server..LOL

10-06-00, 01:02 AM
i hope naspter stays, but come on naspter isnt all of the bandwith.....you have many other wannabes out there...and if napster does go down ftp servers will become the newest thing

10-06-00, 01:49 AM
it really doesn't matter if napster gets shutdown, there are many many many many many upon many other ways to get music of the net these days

napster is just one easy way to get music, it started a trend that can never be stopped now and that is being able to get music you want on demand, napster may die but the cause lives on...

10-06-00, 01:53 AM
Originally posted by user3657:
and if napster does go down ftp servers will become the newest thingFTP servers w/MP3s were around way b4 Napster and still r and will continue to be whether or not Napster gets shut down.