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10-05-00, 08:05 PM
Why are Cable Modem service companies allowed Monopolies of Neighboorhoods?
Anyone know? How come its illegal for Microsoft when they got charged but companies in areas dont?

Kip Patterson
10-05-00, 08:25 PM
That is a dandy question.

It is a monopoly granted by the local government just like phone, gas, or electric service. There's only so much room on the poles. We have two cable companies, and my backyard looks like the rigging on a square-rigged sailing ship.

Two interesting things happened last week. Time Warner offered a deal to Earthlink to let them share their cable. Two-third's of the revenue were to go to TW, and TW set the selling price to the end user. Slick Willy Gates could learn something from these people. The other event was the FCC's issuance of a notice of inquiry into this very subject. Expect to read about this a lot.

Good question!

10-05-00, 08:51 PM
Welp Just found out my connection is capped to 15K/sec with Comcast@home, First its my connection dropping every other day for 12 hours then after they fix that they cap my upload...which when i run my netcam or upload something i timeout to everything i have running or something.
I would go with DSL but i am 21k feet away from the CO

10-06-00, 12:45 AM
Originally posted by thuggish:
then after they fix that they cap my uploadSorry, but most of @Home is capped at 128kbps up. There is nothing u can do about it.

Originally posted by thuggish:
I would go with DSL but i am 21k feet away from the COEven if u could get DSL, chances r u would have to pay more than what ur currently paying w/@Home to get a package w/a significantly higher u/l speed.

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10-06-00, 12:49 AM
Actually most of california @home users are capped (which probably makes up for half of the @home users http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif because there is just so many of course you get other parts where there is a lot of people and those are also capped...

10-06-00, 03:36 PM
Thuggish, what's Kip said, is true. Actually, it's called "regulated monopoly" (:-) regulated by whom?). Electricity and water are necessities, cable is not, so it's even less regulated. And they will never be charged like M$: they do not prevent anyone from laying another cable on your street, city fathers do.
So, in principle, you can complain to your local utilities commission if you think something is unfair. Report your results here, we'll laugh together.

frustrated Yurka :-)

10-10-00, 09:34 PM
Cable companies are not monopolies.They generally have what is known as a non-exclusive franchise agreement,and a lot of competition for your entertainment dollar. (At least that is what they tell us to say! )lol Hey,the demand for broadband is hot and getting hotter.Someone will come to fight for your money soon!!

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10-10-00, 10:52 PM
Here at Charter Com. in Ft worth we won a court case about sharing our cable lines. The biggest factor was that the cable lines were built, upgraded, or bought by the current user. Same concept as when a consumer buys a product from a store. We're not preventing other cable companies from servicing a area, just making them build or buy their own plant. It prevents most companies from coming in because they can't guarantee themselves a solid return if they fork over the money.

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