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10-05-00, 10:10 AM
Over the past two months, my ping in Q3A through Charter Pipeline has gone through the roof. When I first got the service, my pings were in the 50s. Then, all of a sudden, I started pinging 200, 300, 400, 500 ... Running the NeoTrace program, I noticed the problem seems to begin with the hop through the UUNET hub. This problem is getting worse and worse, and Q3A is all but unplayable now. Last night, I was pinging 500 to a UUNET hub in Atlanta. I live in Birmingham AL! What's the deal?

Kip Patterson
10-05-00, 10:38 AM
17 million college students all using Napster before it gets disconnected! I doubt if that is the only reason, but there are a number of performance problems on the Internet right now.

10-05-00, 04:38 PM
A couple of weeks ago, UUNET had a major routing issue in Atlanta.(What's up with Atlanta?) which caused problems for Charter customers all over the Southeast, from Tenn to NC. These primarily being latency issues/slow speeds. However, they have claimed to have fixed this problem. Obviously, not.

10-06-00, 12:27 AM
I was relatively trouble free for a week or two (with Charter Pipeline, this is a miracle!), but things have begun to blow chunks again this week.

Rosco, do you have any idea what is up with router ? I just ran VisualRoute and this showed up as my second hop. It used to be a 24.*.*.* registered to "HSA Corporation", but now it is this 192. which shows up as "(private use)". What the hell is that? This is my second hop and I'm getting some HORRIBLE packet loss between there and the next hop to UUNet. I had never had these types of problems at that hop before. Usually it was just the ridiculous latency at peak hours. But now it's going to a different mystery router and lots of times it stalls for up to a minute or more.

10-06-00, 01:15 AM

The problems definitely have returned. As I type this, I'm on hold with HSA waiting to bitch & moan about my slow speeds. At this point it's like having a 14.4 modem.

From running NeoTrace it look like the problem is with the UUnet routers, I'm getting either long waits or no response for their routers.

Whatever the reason Charter Pipeline still blows !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(although it did actually work well for a few days)

10-06-00, 01:55 AM
To anyone from Smyrna,

As a of today,I was told Smryna was down again. And believe me the Tier 2 techs are as angry about it as you are. I personally am tired of getting cussed out by unhappy customers from Smyrna.

Earlier this week we had a meeting and I asked the Head of our Deparment, to personally, find out EXCATLY what in the hell is going on and when it is going to be resolved.So, we can give people an ETA on resolution, because I no longer have a reasonable explanation for the customers, who have had poor service for a number of months.And as much as people think we come up with blanket bs statements just to get the customers of our back. This is not true.
We want to know as well.

So here are some of the rumors,

1.)They are having a severe signal to noise problem in the actual plant. Not only with the cable modems but TV problems as well.

2.)A Tier three tech told me he spoke with someone there who stated there was a OC3 line already in place, but not operational.To help eleviate bottlenecks etc. Usually, these take 60 to 90 days to get up and running because of the Telco. (This is the most reliable of rumors.)

3.)The UUNET backbone is just plain archaic and cooked with all of the information coming out of Atlanta. We may need to switch providers.(Maybe part of the speed problem)

4.) The Area was oversold, and there are to many people for the amount of Bandwidth.(Maybe some truth to this)

For what it is worth, the moment I find out anything I will post it on one of these threads. Or make a new one.

10-06-00, 03:30 AM
UUNET should not have any problems with bandwidth. Trust me.
They have enough existing fiber and SONET nodes to DOUBLE the backbones in the nation.
Whos is going to pay for it though?
They sure as hell aren't going to turn it up for free. Just wanted you to know that the problem is not totally on UUNETs side. UUNET is a huge backbone. If you get bad pings to that gateway, it is probably congestion on the path from the UUNET router and the router before it (in your path).


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10-06-00, 03:42 AM
There is a new service on the internet available to ISP's of comercial and consumer nature.

If you are big business you can pay cpmpanies like UUNET to give your packets priority.

So say a big University pay a certain amount of cash to make sure they get processed before Joy Blow @ Home.

The 39.95 connection fee isn't gonna beat the thousands of dollars that the University or any other commercial bussiness are plugging down on the big providers for premium preferred bandwidth!!!