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i want to know if generally if the higher the ping or the lower is going to be faster. a ping of 1200 or 50 msec.if am going to download a file from a place like scour exchange, if i choose a person 50msec sometimes i can only download like 5bps. but sometimes if i choose a person with 637msec i may get a faster download of 27bps. why is there such a discrepincy. i should say that i mostly download movies. another question why is it when i download a movie(usually mpg etc), i have only had a maximum of 56bps and average about 20bps. But, when I download music, i can easily get 80 or 90bps.why is there a difference between movies and music? 1 LAST QUESTION: why when i use l file sharing service like napster or scour, i have only gotten like a max of 98bps (downloading a song on napster>>only too 1 1/2min), but i have downloaded games from cnet or zdnet at over 275bps. what make those file sharing servers so slow??


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Its all about distance my brotha, distance. And you always want lower pings, the lower the ping, the faster the transfer, except... as in your case where you got a faster download from someone whom had a higher ping. It could have been that the person that had the lower ping was farther away from you, and thus the packets had to travel through more servers. As where the person with the higher ping could have been closer to you, although they had a higher ping, the distance was minimal and therefore the download was much faster. Also, if you factor in whomever their providers are, it could make a bid difference. The person may have horrid upload rates and the DL can only go so fast. Also dont always believe what their posted connection is, alot of people on those File Sharing program lie. It could say T3 connection, when in fact they only have a Cable os DSL connection. You're usually safer going by the Ping rate than by the posted connection. And you will probably see a lot of low pings on people whom supposedly have 14.4 or 28.8 modems just to fool people. I usually get the best downloads from the "slowest" connection. I dunno why your downloads vary so widely between music and movies. Did you test this theory from the same user at the same time? Or were you just downloading from random users and you got those results? Again, this could be a ping and distance issue. The difference between those File Sharing programs and sites like Cnet and Zdnet are all about connection. The file sharing programs merely link you to the other persons computer, so you are never really downloading anything from Napsters, or Scours servers, you're really downloading straight from the other persons PC, which are usually just capable of 56K, ISDN, DSL, Cable. Where as big sites like MS, CNet, ZDnet......, have high speed fiber optic connections which are capable of 45Mbps+, which is why you get those awesome download rates. I am sort of a Cable Modem newbie, so I hope that all this info was correct. There are plenty of Cable/DSL brains here whom will correct any of my posted statements if they are incorrect. Hope this helps.

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1) lower ping rate is better, that is just the time it took your scour, etc., to ping that user.( send a packet, get a response )

2)you answered your own question, it's slow because it's file sharing. you can only recieve as fast as they can send, and even then, if 100 other people ( more than likely more ) are trying to download the same file at the same time it slows it down a lot, thats also why sometimes it's better to go with a medium ping rate, everyone else is going with the lower ping rate to try and get the speed, but end up slowing it down with the congestion.

oh yeah, just offhand, mp3 files for music are usually a lot smaller ( compressed to where your media player can decode it ) than your normal video file. Well I hope I helped, good thing you caught me when I was bored ( lol )

one more thing, prey521 is right about downloading from the user that has the file, not the actual application ( napster, scour, etc. ).

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