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10-05-00, 05:28 AM
I downloaded th @Home Speed Patch. It worked fine, i went from about an average 450kbps to 1046kbps. I was wondering will it be safe for me to download and use another modem booster with my current 1 and can any1 reccomend some for me to use. I have att@home in the nothern california.

10-05-00, 10:48 AM
Hi Mooseboy,
This is a case where, "More is NOT better!"
When you find a tweak that works, stay with "it" (singular).

10-05-00, 01:37 PM
The only one I would use is Download Accelerator which doesn't change system settings, it breaks files up into multiple peices, downloads all of them simultaneously, and puts them back together at the end. It does help a lot in downloading, no matter what type of connection you have.

Cable Guy
10-05-00, 03:10 PM
Yes i recommend Dl acc too

Its the cable guy!