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10-05-00, 12:52 AM
I am an @home user in Rhode Island. I have run the DSLreports.com speedtests a few times (rebooting and clearing cache between each) and have a question which I hope someone can help with.

Following the test, you can graph and post your results. In reviewing the results, I've noticed that my domain has been listed as rdc1.ct.home.com, crans1.ri.home.com, and wwck1.ri.hom.com.

Can anyone explain whay this varies? Is it that I may be hitting a diferent proxy server each time?


10-05-00, 07:10 AM
In one simple word, "YES". (lol)

10-05-00, 09:01 AM
Thanks. I suspected as much but don't know enough about this stuff to have been confidant in my assumptions.

Is there anyway to direct myself through a particular proxy server? Some seem to return me a better response time than others.

I had tried turning off the proxy, but in my case, when I do, my speeds go completely to s**t.