View Full Version : windows ME and swbell DSL!!!

10-04-00, 09:19 PM
The enternet 300 program for swbell will not work!! you have to use raspppoe. The patch for swbell doesnt work either. Post if you have had other problems with it.



10-05-00, 01:37 AM
i use winpoet2.0 and it work's great

ctrl+alt+del...ctrl+alt+del !!!!!!!

10-05-00, 07:24 PM
I have EnterNet configured on WinMe.

First make sure you have the latest updates for Me installed available at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsme/support/default.asp

If you upgraded from 9x to Me you need to reinstall Enternet but you need to completely remove the current installation.

Or you can install the latest version of Enternet 300 which is 1.4 get it here http://dialup.swbell.net/dsl/enternet1.4f/index.htm that is totally compatible with WinMe(Per NTS and my experience) I tested both Methods and got them to work.

Also what modem are you using?

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10-06-00, 09:04 AM
the new enternet 300 is more buggy than the last one and get this it doesent work on ME i have had 9 people come to me becouse they were going to have to get rid of swbell dsl becouse of it.