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10-04-00, 10:10 PM
Should I use the cable modem and NIC provided by AT&T @Home or should I get my own?

What brand modem or NIC should I get?

10-04-00, 10:12 PM
That depends on what brand NIC and modem they give u. Also, it's usually cheaper to rent a modem, than buy one. Make sure they don't try to give u a USB modem or USB network adapter. U have to use a modem that they support too.

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10-10-00, 09:42 PM
If you what to purchase your own NIC,you can't go wrong with 3Com.It really is not necessary though.Let the buyer beware on purchasing your own cable modem.It must be DOCSIS compliant.It may also be wise to talk to someone in the local office after you have made your decision but before your purchase to be certain there will be no provisioning problems.