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10-04-00, 06:01 PM
Well @Home is coming out in my area in a few weeks so I figure plan ahead. Since the more ppl who use it the slower the speeds go I'm making a prank. Gonna save up some cash and head on down to Kinkos. Make some copies like @home truth revieled, or Looking for a new internet connection?. Then I'll put in the facts and state that DSL is better then cable. Hopefully most of the ppl in my area will get DSL and I'll have a nice fiber optic line all to myself heehee. Hey what colors should I pick? Neon Orange or Green? http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

10-04-00, 06:06 PM
Damn, that's what I forgot to do. Use Neon Orange.

10-04-00, 06:28 PM
Good idea- neon orange.

10-04-00, 08:41 PM
Sorry MP3...but you are too late! I must have missed your house when I was handing out the International orange fliers indicating that DSL sucks!!!

Hopefully your node has less than 500!

Heh!! Just kidding.

Actually, Highlands Ranch has been having a hell of a time. One more instance of them pushing @home before the network is ready. Hopefully for you, they have all the bugs worked out before they release your node.

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10-04-00, 08:55 PM
Yea, but is cable really that bad? I've been useing a 56k for 2 years and a 28.8 befor that. man 28.8 to 56k was nice. download mp3's in 9 min woa lol. Just to be able to get like 100KB\s(I use the definition of kb from IE)would be nice. True that @Home ppl lied to me a lot. In june they said it would be rdy by augest. Then september. Then october 1-8th. now another 3-6 weeks. Time to head to kinkos.

10-04-00, 09:28 PM
well...I am in Windsor and the speeds are great!! Although...Windsor is by no means very populated (yet...LOL)...so that helps...but overall i am impressed with my service..especially sinced i got a new drop added!! I am a happy coloradoan with it!!

10-04-00, 09:47 PM
Speeds depend on more than just ur ISP. @home is huge and many cable comps r a part of @home and they all run their services differently. Just b/c 2 people have @home, doesn't mean they will have the same speeds or even similar speeds and just b/c 2 people have AT&T@home (or comcast@home, or any @home) doesn't mean that they will have the same speeds or similar speeds. Even if ur in the same city, u won't necessarliy have similar performance. There r a lot of factors involved.

10-05-00, 05:13 AM
Factors for speed are the same as any connection, just to a lesser degree with cable service because of the higher bandwith. Also, your speed can differ from your neighbor if your on a different run of cable.

And try not to treat your @Home service the same way you treat your TV service, even though they normally run through the same lines and it's easy to say "Well, my TV's working!", they're far different.