View Full Version : is there a perfomance difference for for types of cable modems

baD boY beN
10-04-00, 05:51 PM
just wodering if the newer ones are better than my old ugly LANcity cable modem

10-04-00, 10:28 PM
Originally posted by baD boY beN:
just wodering if the newer ones are better than my old ugly LANcity cable modem

Try the Surfboard 3100

10-05-00, 05:48 AM
I live here in ft worth texas, and by october 15th we wont be able to use lancity modems anymore, they run off a different system than your DOCSIS modems ( Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification ). I had a Surfboard 3100, but I've got a 3Com Home Connect now, personally i like it better. But, if you have to purchase your modem, the Surfboard, or a Toshiba PCX 1100 would be cheaper for you i think

10-05-00, 08:47 AM
Just like 10/100nics,I don't think there is much diff in modems,it depends on your ISP.

Cable Guy
10-05-00, 02:21 PM
Roadrunner is ok

Its the cable guy!

10-05-00, 03:47 PM
Originally posted by Cable Guy:
Roadrunner is ok

And what does that have to do with cable modems? If you mean the modem RR uses is ok what modem do you mean? RR uses several different modems. I have a CyberSurfR, a friend of mine has a SurfBoard and I'm sure other users recieved other kinds of modems.

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10-05-00, 03:57 PM
i have comcast@home..and like i had said many times in other messages,before it stopped connecting to my computer i was getting very good speeds but my friend who also has comcast@home who lives right up the street from me has an older modem and gets like 200-300KB(kilobytes) at places i get like 70KB and it is either i am going slow or he is geting abnormally fast speeds,i think he's just getting abnormally fast speeds.he said he get 600KB on very good days.so i would just stick with the modem you have now unless you know for a fact it doesn't go as fast as newer ones.i have a theory which has either yet to be proven or already has been proven that companies control their bandwidth by lying to customers that new modems go faster then the older ones but actually go slower to control their bandwidth.