View Full Version : PL...How do i stop it?

10-04-00, 04:52 PM
I have a Cable/DSL Router from Linksys. I have my cable service split between 2 systems. It seems that the Router is creating a firewall. I took the advice of someone and went into my router settings and turned of DMZ. I still have packet loss.

How do I know, you may be asking? I play a game called Wheel of Time. It shows my ping and PL. WHen I had DSL, I did not have any PL. Now with this Cable modem set up, I have a constant PL that ranges between 10-40.

This is putting a monkey wrench in my program and I am also getting a lot of failed downloads because of it.

Anything I can do?

10-04-00, 04:58 PM
Have u tried the latest firmware?

10-04-00, 05:16 PM
I have updated to the latest firware on my router, yes. I did that when I first started configuring it last week.