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10-04-00, 09:32 AM
I don't know if this problem has been discussed here yet. I couldn't find anything though.

My problem is that the Linksys 4 port Cable/DSL router just stops forwarding HTML and a lot of other packages. In one case, it stopped forwarding everything. Let me start from the beginning.

About a month ago, my router stopped working. I had no problems pinging it, but I couldnít ping my GW or DNS servers. I tried to re-flash the router with the latest firmware. Didn't help, I of course resetted the router. After trouble shooting it long enough, I called tech support. They sent me a new router. That one was totally dead. Tech support sent me a 2nd router. That one was tested by tech support and when I got it was working fine. After 2 weeks of usage same thing happens but not exactly the same problem. This time and can ping my GW but not my DNS servers. In ďstatusĒ everything looked fine. I couldnít reach anything on Internet but MSN messenger worked???? I couldnít log on to hotmail to read my mails though. I resetted the router but this time I havenít tried to re-flash it. It has the latest firmware. I still have the 2 bad routers here, because linksys havenít gotten back to me about returning them???? I really donít care as long as they donít charge my credit card. But this time I wanít to trouble shoot some more. Anyone got any tips for me, or have a similar problem?

BTW Iím on Comcast @home in the Trenton area.

10-04-00, 11:35 AM
Sounds like a another bad one I suggest using the 1.3.3 firmware

10-04-00, 11:38 AM
So you are saying that the beta is better than the release 1.35??

10-04-00, 11:43 AM
Yes I am it works perfectly and has more options...


10-04-00, 01:21 PM
Ok, I'll try to flash it to that and I'll post my results here!

Thanks a lot!


10-05-00, 01:34 PM
Flashing the router seemed to work. Everything is back to normal now! Thanks for your help.


10-05-00, 03:36 PM
Dunno if this helps but make sure your router is plugged into a surge protector! My friends cable modem died cause he had it on a normal plug durring a thunderstorm

10-05-00, 04:35 PM
Happened to my friend to linksys's rma is really cool you get the part before you send it out for rma http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif