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10-04-00, 07:41 AM
hello i got a realtek 8139 nic
if i buy a 3com will that improve my speed

btw nice site

Lex Luthor
10-04-00, 09:46 AM
There really is no way to know for sure, way too many factors involved.

Are you on cable or dsl? Are you getting speeds others in your area get? If you are on DSL, it would be easier to know if you are near your cap or not with the nic you have.


10-04-00, 10:36 AM
i'm on 512/kb cable and i get about 50/55
dl speeds
with the reg patch that cablenut posted
the other day

Lex Luthor
10-04-00, 10:48 AM
Then, no, another NIC won't help at all.

DSL companies play a little game, you REALLY only get about 85% of the quoted speed. I still haven't figured out how that isn't false adverstising.

Anyhow, that puts your max speed around 435kbs or 54KBytes. Seems like you are hiting that, so that's the best you can/will do.

Save your money.


10-04-00, 01:57 PM
tnx lex
then i won't buy one
but i thougt it may help because of the difference in the price
$15 for realtek
$60 for 3com

10-04-00, 02:11 PM
Can't always judge things by their price.

10-04-00, 04:28 PM
as long as you have a half way decent nic it isnt goign to matter it is mostly in you isp then your modem then settings your nic card is way faster than you cable will ever be...for now

10-04-00, 04:33 PM
The only time u will prolly see a diff when changing NICs is when going from a USB network adapter to a NIC or when replacing a bad NIC.