View Full Version : Anyone else out there using Telocity DSL?

10-03-00, 11:33 PM
I use a company called Telocity for SDSL service and ever since I started using them about 8 months ago, my speed has been slowly getting slower and slower and now I rarely see download speeds surpass 15/k a second. Is there anyone else out there who uses Telocity who has noticed this as well?

10-04-00, 01:30 AM
Ya I can admit that I had them for two weeks the service worked a total of twelve hours.
Tech support is real friendly but when I asked why it didn't work.
I was told it would take over 48 hours just to get a answer why. Oh and if my internet service was so important to me I should get a T1 line.
There has been a bunch of changes at Telocity one is that the Backbone (Rhythms) has a bad repore with the telco's and there slow to support. If it where me I would start looking around. But thats just my opinion.



10-07-00, 03:13 PM
guys get a lod of this.

I switched from Ameritech.net to Telocity, my line distance is 12,000 feet, and i
confirmd with serveral calls (this was before installiation that my distance was
12,000 feet and they said i would defently be able to get the full bandwith of 784k.
When i got my service installed i was set at 412k bandwith i made a couple calls and
the next day it was at 784k. Now from then it's been about a month or longer and i've
had no problems, great server, all of a sudden my service goes dead. i called for 4
days stright untill they finally sent a tech out to check out whats was wrong.
he determined it was nothing with my side, and after testing the signal and the
tone at the impo, he discovered taht 1 of the two wires had no tone on it, and
said thats your problem, it's not completing the look, it's a phone company
issue and that they would call the phone company (Ameritech) and have a tech come
out the next day and fix it. The next day i get home from work and it's working
again, i thought yay, then i found out my bandwith was cut in half again to 412k.
That minute i called them up and asked to get my speed raised, and for the next
4 days after i'm calling them and asking them to get my speed raised, well it's
a long story, after they said rhythms (who owns the DSLAMS at the CO) they are
not taking requests to increase customers speed anymore. Of course i said this
is what i paid for and signed up for. Well after a long argument with the
supervisor i emailed them also, and this is the responce i got.

Check this out. what is a bridge tap, and what could casue my line distance
to jump over 4,600 feet from 12,000 to over 16,600 this is down right crazy man
, i don't know what to do, but i'm about to call the better Business Bureau and
the Illionis Commerce Commission - Comsumers Division and the Cook County Stats
Attorney about this. Is this possiable, or even legal what are are pulling here?
> Hello Micheal,
> We are writing to inform you on the status of your Telocity DSL order. We have been
informed by our digital circuit provider that an Ameritech field service technician will
be dispatched to check a possible bridge tap on your line which may be adding footage to
your circuit. According to the initial loop acceptance your line was accepted at 16,600
> Considering that the current condition (16,600 feet from the CO) on your line you are
properly configured at 416kbps. Increasing your bandwidth to 784kpbs may jeopardize the
integrity of your DSL connection. We presently have a service ticket open to review the
possible bridge tap on you line. If it is determined that their is bridge tap then it
will need to be removed and the possibility to increase your speed to 784kbps may be a
> If you would like further information please contact us at 1-888-773-3349 to speak with
one of our Service Delivery provisioning representatives.
> Thank you,
> Telocity Technical Support
> Desc : for 9 months prior to getting telocity i had 768k dsl, for the past
> month i've had 784k dsl with telocity. so for about 10 months i've have
> little to no problem. I just got an outside line problem fixed and now my
> speed is at 416k, i've called over 4 times to get it rasied back up, and
> had to do this when i got the inital install. I know for a fact my lines
> can handle it. and i'm not paying $49 a month for half the speed, eigther
> please raise my speed or i'm droping your service tomorrow!

10-07-00, 03:36 PM
Yep that sounds just like Telocity I had them for Two weeks. It worked great for twelve hours then died. Tech support without getting into to many details tried but told me that it would be 48 hours to fix it, and told me that if I needed the internet so bad that I should go out and get a T1 line.

Ya I really liked hearing that I packed up there stufff got back on cable and ordered the mindspring line and have never had a run around I have ran into a couple of tech support people that hadent been to clear on what I needed so I hung up and got someone different and then my questions got answered.

Don't get me wrong when Telocity worked it worked real good just don't expect to much speed out of there tech dept.
Rhythms is there backbone.