View Full Version : setting up cable modem in win2k

10-03-00, 09:30 PM
i have @home cable modem. it is docsis (sp?)

so i dont have to enter any settings in the network properties at all. zero. zip

all i have is tcpip, client for microsoft networks and my ethernet card and it works like a charm..


IN WIN2K I dunno what i have to do to get it workin. i thought it would AUTOMATICALLY work like it does in win98...in network i have my tcpip client for microsoft networks and ethernet card

anyone want to shed some light?


10-04-00, 08:20 AM
If you did not configure your network settings, then you were probley using some bootp or dhcp service for IP configuration. Win2000 is no different. I use Win2000 with @home, but I staticly configured my IP settings. Dig a little deeper and see.


10-04-00, 10:19 AM
Remeber to name your computer to ccxxxxxx or whatever they use. That is the only thing you have to enter manually.

10-04-00, 11:31 AM
Enter in the computer name that @home gave u, like Zulan said, and enter in "@home" (w/o the quotes) as the workgroup. After u restart, u should be good to go.