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11-06-04, 10:22 AM
all in canadian prices

SMC Broadband 4-Port 10/100 Router 69.95
Netgear RP614 4-Port WebSafe Router 79.99
Linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL Router 89.99
Linksys BEFSX41-CA 4-Port Cable/DSL Firewall 109.99

11-06-04, 10:24 AM
I'd get the Linksys BEFSX41 ... Just a personal preference.

11-06-04, 02:32 PM
Out of that list, BEFSX41
IMO, best home market router under the hundred dollar range. (US dollars)

11-07-04, 07:17 AM
:D I strongly recomend c837 wich is 'all in one device'
BTW c831 is very similar with more freatures
but without ADSLmodem (eg for connections : cable or separate modem)

'four in one' device in this case means :
ADSLmodem + router + firewall + 4LANswitch;
RAM 48MB (max);
Flash memory 12MB (upgredable to 24MB)
IOS—(Internet Operating System) IOSs are operating systems used in Cisco's devices

IMO the both Cisco 837 & 831 are not 'one season internet device'
both are : Corvette + RR + Mec + BMW
'ALL in ONE'
for years

IMVHO mentioned devices with they full technical support
are worth the prices
also for home users - as me

:mad: BTW why have my posting rules "You may not post attachments"
so ONLY for interested in
I cannot explain in *.txt file mentioned device freatures & links

11-14-04, 09:45 PM
Netgear RP614.