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10-03-00, 05:27 PM
Adelphia was just here to install my new cable modem. Unfortunately they weren't able to get the modem to sync. Any ideas as to why? They checked the lines from the box to the house, the jacks on my wall and determined that there was no problems. He hooked up his test modem to the line in my house and still couldn't get a sync. They are sending another service guy tomorrow morning. I'm getting a little antsy and was hoping everything would be setup tonight. Oh well. I'll wait until tomorrow.

PS, The modem is a Terayon Terajet. Anyone have one of these and if so how are they? Thanks.

10-03-00, 05:36 PM
Did he check the line out from the box to the main box? When @home installed my cable modem it took 8 or so hours for it to synch.. they also had to confirm it had a boot file.. Make sure it has the right boot file for the right modem..

10-04-00, 10:04 AM
Received a callback this morning from Adelphia informing me that there was a problem with the Node I was on and it should be fixed later today. They said I was the first cable modem customer on my side of town and they had never had to use the node I'm on for anything other than TV. Hopefully it syncs up sometime this afternoon.

They also told me that the speeds in my area were slower than they anticipated and it was due to a 1 mile stretch of Verizon backbone that was being replaced as we speak. They estimated it was a 3 week project. They said it should've been completed already, but the verizon strike pushed them back a little. Because of that they are giving me free installation, the first month free and the following 2 months for only $20.00. Hopefully verizon gets that fixed in the next couple of weeks.

10-04-00, 02:49 PM
Was just wondering if you were in the Morgantown, WV area..If so, shoot me an email and lets chat about Adelphia. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif