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10-03-00, 04:18 PM
Hi i was reading on this message board before and read about an ip that you can bind to your network card with dsl to stop the dhcp from timing out. You enter an ip address and a subnet mask. I just recently reformated and forgot these numbers. Can someone please confirm me if these numbers are the right ones? IP:

If someone can answer this it will be greatly appreciated. Thanx

10-03-00, 04:22 PM
R u talking about the internal IP ranges? If u r, those won't work for ur DSL. U have to use the IP that was given to u by ur ISP or setup ur connection dynamically. The interal ranges (I believe there is 3 of them) r for LANs and won't be seen on the net.

10-03-00, 06:40 PM
No i use pppoe..the pppoe network driver has obtain an ip automatically...this driver is the one that tells my connection to use dynamic....these ips are for binding the network card..it wont affect the connection it just stops the dhcp from timing out and i need these numbers cause its timing out again.

10-03-00, 07:35 PM
Try this url. http://www.dslreports.com/faq/faq#156
Rgrds-Ross Salinger

10-06-00, 09:42 AM
You can use any non-routable IP address with a PPPoE connection and still have connectivity to the internet. Others won't be able to see you, though. I'd recommend hard-coding a 192.168.x.x IP if you don't plan on running a server, because then your PC won't reach out as often to the DHCP, RADIUS, whatever server that the ISP uses to authenticate. Alternatively, you can remove the TCP/IP binding from the NIC to improve network stability if this is a standalone system.

I have 3 static IPs through Cox@Home. Those 3 are visible, but behind a firewall, of course. I have 2 other systems now with non-routable IPs behind my proxy as well. They can reach out, but those systems will never host games or servers of any type unless port forwarding and the like is setup properly. It's good to set non-routable IP addresses if you want them secured better.