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cable crip
05-01-00, 08:06 PM
Fairfax, Va Affiliate
Best on test site, 147 KB/s

05-01-00, 08:17 PM
New York, NY
Win2K Adv svr - no tweaks.

05-01-00, 09:21 PM
speed guide patch
rwin from navas
on speed sites after clearing cache I get about 800 k bytes/sec, so there is a big diff from an actual download and a speed site. I never go below 300 k bytes/sec on an actual download.

pcx1000 cable modem.

05-01-00, 10:15 PM
Atlanta, GA
Mediaone RR
best speed 150k/s
Toshiba PCX1000

Fade Ruatha
05-01-00, 10:21 PM
About 220KBps (interplay site)
380KBps on the RR interal servers
no tweaks.

05-01-00, 10:41 PM
Win98 & sguide_tweak_98.inf &
new keys1.reg


Using the .inf patch gives me a much broader range of d/l speed, more erratic speeds of d/l's too. Averages out to about 150 KB/sec.
I get mush higher bursts w/ that patch, which is great for smaller files such as graphics or programs under 2 MB. The speed also depends upon time of day. This morning I d/l a ton of mp3's at 180 KB/sec constant rate! Same server at night is 40 KB/sec.

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05-01-00, 11:24 PM
Syracuse NY

Max 64KB/sec
Average approx. 25KB/sec


No Tweaks Help.


It Can't Rain All The Time
- Eric Draven (The Crow)


05-02-00, 01:06 AM
Central Florida
Time Warner/Road Runner

ftp://ftp.redhat.com averaged 215 k/sec
Toshiba PXL 1000 external

PII 233
Linux RH 6.2

"An Armed Society is a Polite Society"

05-02-00, 07:11 AM
Minnesota RR
Toshiba pcx1000
Linksys Router
150-300 KB/sec

Speedguide and Navas tweaks.

05-02-00, 09:26 AM
Westland, MI
Media One

average on test site ~300 k/s

average time for a 45MB download from www.blizzard.com (http://www.blizzard.com) 4min 58sec.

Windows 98SE NO patches or Tweaks.
3com USR DOCCIS Modem

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05-02-00, 11:40 AM
400 Celeron, 128M ram, Linksys w/Linux RR here = 300-500 KB downloaded that same diablo movie around 3-4 mins on a few tests.

05-02-00, 03:57 PM
Did you all know that AT&T bought MediaOne who provides RoadRunner? Wonder if you all will become @Home subscribers soon http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/tongue.gif

05-02-00, 08:18 PM
Here's my speed, never had problems or slow downs and had it for 3 years now. Live in the busy city. =] Beats a T1 drastically @ downloading by almost double. Considering prices of dsl & T1's @ this speed.. this is'nt bad at all for $39 mo.

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05-02-00, 09:00 PM
Heh well those downspeeds are from your own server, they dont actually count for real world speed. Do you get those rates consistantly from OTHER servers than RR?

05-02-00, 09:05 PM
my max is 70KB/sec, average is 50KB/sec on RR in Binghamton, UPSTATE NY, with all tweaks and all

05-02-00, 10:29 PM
Mediaone RR (Hollywood)
Toshiba PCX1000 Modem
150-180 avg.
I'm capped both ways 1.5mpbs down and something up but I forget the number.

05-04-00, 07:38 PM
Originally posted by raider1:
Central Florida
Time Warner/Road Runner

ftp://ftp.redhat.com averaged 215 k/sec
Toshiba PXL 1000 external

PII 233
Linux RH 6.2

Do you know the MaxMTU for the Central FL Time Warner / Road Runner server?

05-05-00, 12:44 AM
All patches applied:

Upstream= 1.5Mbps (usually will stay steady and max out a T-one). On average will d'load a 7 meg file in 15 sec or so

downstream= 300Kbps

Overall good speeds, with very little problems, only bi*ch I had was then sending out moron techs to install, an install that was supposed to take one day, took a week to do, cuz they sent a a newbie tech that had no Hecto meter or revelent equipment to get proper signals from the line (I live in a complex 12 floors, so if they don't have the proper equipment they have to fish thru 200 lines.


05-05-00, 03:00 AM
I have a question for you RR subsrcibers. I just got the service and I like it well enough.

As far as speed goes, I find it interesting that some of the others posting in this group get such high download speeds even from the RR servers.

Mainly because I was told by the installer not to bother with patches on the net, because the modem is governed to 150KB's, and this seems to be true I never get a higher speed from any servers. I noticed when the downloads first start I get a brust as high as 300 to 400KB but then I drop to 150.

I installed the patches from this website anyway and that made no difference at all. So It seems to be true.

Any thoughts on this. Do you think the speed is governed at RR, my modem or at all?

Obviously other RR service in other states is not governed this way, since people have posted higher speed download screen shots.


05-05-00, 06:10 AM
MediaOne RR Atlanta, GA

On average against a site that I know can support me, I can get 150KB/sec, which ain't bad. When it is good , it is good, when it is bad, it is very bad.

The real bad part is the service is poor, and the connect is either down a lot (goes down about every weekend lately at real off hours and in general will recover after a few hours), or having some sort of a problem frequently. (Like severe packer loss).

These dudes better ph33r DSL.

Oh yea, wanted to add - if you are using a USB ethernet adaptor I strongly recommend you switch that out for a GOOD 3COM PCI Nic card (eg. 3C905C). That switch gave me about 15KB/sec and it also gave me better thru-put overall.

(Sys: Celeron II 566 @ 850Mhz, Win98 & Win2K in dual boot.)

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05-06-00, 07:09 PM
rr Maine Porltand

and end
not cached !! i get on every web page this speed for my download !! (+ or - 300kb/s)
and for the UPstream i get 80 kb/s > 30ko/s
i think maine is a great place for the cable http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif also in Massachusetts i got 170kb/s
p3 450
256 sdram pc100
HDD western digitan udma66 5400 trm

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01-09-01, 04:29 PM
South Carolina RR, average 250 KB/Sec
Installed sguide_tweak_98.inf and one other from SpeddGuide.net
And like TonyT said higher burst speeds, can get 800 KB/Sec for the first 5 seconds.

Win98SE, 256MB PC100
AMD K7-660
Dlink 530+ 10/100 NIC

OK, If RR says my download is 1.5 Mbps or my browser should read 187.5 KB/S, then how come my browser says 250 KB/S or times 8 = 2.0 Mbps?????? Wow 30% increase!!!!!


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01-09-01, 05:37 PM
Not too shabby considering I'm capped at
1.5 Mb
Never knew they could deliver 100%

01-09-01, 05:38 PM
I'm in Falls Church ,Va

01-10-01, 05:50 PM
Yes, AT&T will leave the RR affiliate and those customers will be switched to @Home soon.

01-15-01, 07:21 PM
Rochester, NY RoadRunner (capped at 2.5mbits down, unknown up)
using Broadband Wizard tweak utility

160k/bytes download off Tripod.com
230k/bytes download off local RR server

46k/bytes upload to V3Space.com

I am very satisfied http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif
Pentium 233
32MB SyncDram
Toshiba PCX1100 external modem
Realtek NIC card

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01-15-01, 09:27 PM
Melbourne Australia OPTUS@HOME

680KB/sec from tripod
capped at 16KB up
from intranet 480KB/sec
600KB/sec from fortune city

no patches
PIII 800
Nortel Networks CM 100
post me a link to a file and ill check my dl speed on it

01-17-01, 12:25 AM
road runner blows out here,,can't even get out to the net half of the time,, when I do it crawls

03-04-01, 02:28 AM
on this comp i get about 568kbs on test sites and i download a game from a site 2 times 1 b4 i instaled a patch "manuly" and once after well the file was 80.3MB and b4 i put the patch on i was d/l-ing around 128KBS well it was going to take around 2-3 hours or sum thing like that well i wasn't happy with that so i grabed a tweak and hooked it up well i deleted the old dl and started a new 1 right off the bat it was movin at 400-600KBS i downloaded that file in 3min and 5 sec this computer is a p2 475mhz with 183MB's ram "labtop" my other computer is a amd t-bird 800mhz with 128mb's ram it does better then the labtop the fastest i have seen on it was around 700KBS and thats with out tweaks "it is a tweak less computer" :)

03-04-01, 02:31 AM
Milwaukee, WI

150-300 kb/sec

it has really gone up from when I bought it! :D

03-04-01, 10:21 AM
I have Roadrunner High Speed Online in Topeka, Ks.

Cable company is Cox Communications, the service is 3000/768, but I get far faster speeds. Here are my speeds from the three dslreports speed test servers, it's taken at 9am on a Sunday morning, when not many folks will be online until later on.

From the megapath.com CA speed test server:
** Speed 3762(down)/620(up) kbps **
(At least 75 times faster than a 56k modem)
Logging result

From the nac.net NJ speed test server:
** Speed 3662(down)/639(up) kbps **
(At least 73 times faster than a 56k modem)
Logging result

From the linkline.com Los Angeles CA Speed test server:

** Speed 1181(down)/642(up) kbps **
(At least 23 times faster than a 56k modem)
Logging result

I have Roadrunner for over eleven months now, and I will never go back to dialup, or get dsl(where can you find dsl at 3000-5000 Mbps dn/768 kbps up at?)

I will start downloads at 500-900 KB/sec at fast servers, and at slower servers, it's 100-500 KB/Sec.

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03-04-01, 11:01 AM
In El Paso, Texas we're supposed to be 1500/384. However I actually range 1500-2200 with my average around 1700. It varies from web site to web site. Some get closer to 2000. Some FTP sites sometimes go up to 2200.

Kids play Quake 3 all the time off both of my PC's over the net and they aren't complaining.

03-04-01, 11:04 AM
RR in So Cal w timewarner, 1910dn/333up kbps

03-04-01, 11:08 AM
Syracuse, NY (twcny)
Average file D/L 225KB/s
Speed tests average 1850-1900kbps

Celeron 300, 128ram

03-04-01, 11:27 AM
2001-03-04 09:36:13 Speed test 2506/377 kbps
2001-03-04 05:53:14 Speed test 2348/351 kbps
2001-03-03 17:30:15 Speed test 2097/340 kbps
2001-03-02 05:19:57 Speed test 2126/345 kbps
2001-03-01 07:53:54 Speed test 2492/348 kbps
2001-03-01 05:37:05 Speed test 2462/377 kbps
2001-02-28 06:00:38 Speed test 2363/335 kbps
2001-02-28 05:56:39 Speed test 2375/373 kbps
2001-02-27 06:28:16 Speed test 2462/353 kbps
2001-02-26 08:48:09 Speed test 2523/345 kbps
2001-02-26 08:20:21 Speed test 2509/375 kbps
2001-02-25 06:06:54 Speed test 2318/344 kbps
2001-02-20 08:56:54 Speed test 2182/348 kbps
2001-02-20 02:21:03 Speed test 2388/346 kbps
2001-02-19 06:51:00 Speed test 2540/377 kbps
2001-02-18 07:21:50 Speed test 2506/346 kbps
2001-02-17 08:02:24 Speed test 2537/343 kbps
2001-02-16 08:16:49 Speed test 2506/373 kbps
2001-02-13 11:52:23 Speed test 2478/345 kbps
2001-02-12 06:00:23 Speed test 2492/374 kbps

From DSLreports tests. :)

On internal RR Servers I get a pretty consistant 276.

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03-04-01, 04:59 PM
I live in Chaska, MN, 55318. On speedtests I get 250KB down and 48KB up. I have a PII 400MHz 128MB RAM.

03-04-01, 05:33 PM
3131/700 on dsl west coast

Road Runner
Manhattan, KS

My download speed has dropped off in the last 45 daysfrom aout 5400/700. Seems like about the time AOL bought out Time Warner.

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03-05-01, 12:11 AM
Jacksonville, Florida AT&T Broadband (formerly mediaone) Road Runner.
Advertise 1.5 Mb down 300Kb up
I average 151 K bytes down, pending on the time of the day
Come on Guys quit posting BURST speed inside your own network! :D

11-02-06, 09:56 AM
Syracuse, New York

10mb Down/1mb Up Basic Service <-- I use currently
15mb Down/1mb Up Premium Service

http://www.speedtest.net/result/54106581.png (http://www.speedtest.net)