View Full Version : @home and these so called "faster settings"

10-03-00, 12:52 AM
i know that these setting might have worked for some people, but they dont work for me, infact, they slow me down, @home feels that if you mess with your settings, then you forfeit the right to them helping you. how dumb is that? if anyone out has the default registry settings, or what @home has them at, could you please email them to me at jbded@home.com any help would be greatly appreciated.

i live in portland oregon, so if any of you do, could you tell me your settings, and those might be better for me, since its the same area...

anyways, thanks for any help that you can provide...


and remember kids, the toilet goes *swisshhh*

10-03-00, 12:54 AM
There is a patch that will reset you back to what windows was before the tweaks.

10-03-00, 12:57 AM
Yo WBra...

I'm across the river in Vancouver and use the sguide98 tweaks and they work just fine. Have been using them for quite some time now and they definitely speed things up.

10-04-00, 02:28 PM
Try removing all the @home software and use the 98 patch........worked for me !!!!!!


10-04-00, 02:32 PM
The patches don't work for every1 (they didn't do much for me) and u can always manually edit the reg or use one of those apps out there that help u edit the reg.