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10-26-04, 08:18 PM
I just got done reinstalling XP with SP2 on a friend's computer, but now his wireless network isn't detected.

I don't know any specifics, but they have a Linksys Wireless Router, and a Linksys wireless NIC's. I dont know anything about wireless either, and when I was browsing their network previously, their wireless network had both a "Wireless" network which was unsecured, which is what they connected to, and another network which was a different name, like "GS2212" or something which was secure I guess. Because he called me over last time, he couldnt get on the internet, and the Wireless network was set to the GS2212 connection, instead of Wireless.

So with the new install of XP, the wireless is not detected, and under network connections, the only thing listed is the Local Area Connection, network cable unplugged. From what I was reading, everything should auto detect, but it's not.

any ideas? I'm hoping I can just talk him through over the phone instead of going over there again. :2cool:

10-27-04, 11:35 AM
I'm no expert with this, but it sounds like your wireless connection profile is gone (if all you see is the 'Local Area Connection'). I'd try using the 'Create New Connection' option in your network connections screen. Be sure when you're done that the profile is enabled and the antenna is turned on. (If you're using a laptop, esp. newer one, I've discovered a few where you actually turn your wireless antenna on with a physical switch (like along the front edge of the PC, or even a using a Function Key) as opposed to using the wireless configuration screens.

Good luck.

10-28-04, 04:41 AM
cool thanks, i'll try that if he still needs help. He was supposed to call their one guy that setup their network in the first place, hopefully he's fixed it. :D

10-29-04, 01:51 PM
May be this can Help.

Link to: Wireless - Basic Configuration. (http://www.ezlan.net/Wireless_Config.html)

Link to: Wireless Security. (http://www.ezlan.net/Wireless_Security.html)


10-29-04, 03:26 PM
Have you tried installing the software that came with the Linksys wireless NIC? IMO, Linksys wireless NIC's seem to perform better with Linksys' utility installed. The built in WinXP utility drops connections too often for me. And IMO, the new built in WinXP utility in SP2 is worse.

Oh, BTW... if the OS doesnt see the Linksys wireless NIC in Network Connections, its a good chance that it wont be seen in the Device Manager either. Install the Linksys utility and that will install the drivers also.