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08-04-04, 04:10 PM
To All forum Users,

It has become apparent that some members have been exhibiting increasingly unacceptable behavior recently. They have taken the General Forum in an undesirable direction and taken their access to it and to Speedguide.net, for granted.

SpeedGuide, is committed to civil discourse on all issues. This is why we have permitted controversial discussions up to this point. This is why we do not permit offensive language or images, "warez" or "pr0n" links. It's why we do not permit flame wars. It is why we have moderators. The General Discussion Forum is a place for our members to discuss issues, view-points, laugh and joke, unwind, a little cyber bonding... We are a family...

However, the attacks, trolls, flames and general incivility among some members has gotten bad enough that there have been discussions among the staff about either banning certain types of threads, such as religious or political, or more severe actions... We are reluctant to do this, but in order to keep this site under control and in our member's best interests, it has become apparent that we must take steps in regards to users abusing the forums and each other.

Therefore, we are going to begin banning users as soon as we see inappropriate behavior. The length of the bans will be determined individually and at the sole descretion of the staff... ANY member perceived by the staff to be engaging in trolling, flaming or other unacceptable behavior, including the creation of secondary accounts and other violations of the User Agreement you made when you joined SpeedGuide, faces immediate banning with no further warning or communication.

We are frankly a bit disappointed that it has come to this. However we must and WILL retain positive control of this forum and the BBS. Period. This is not up for debate. This is not up for discussion. You will either stay within the boundaries of reasonable civil discourse or you will be gone.

It IS that simple.


The rules can be found here:

08-04-04, 06:48 PM
The jokes have been removed from this thread. Stickied and Closed...

10-01-04, 06:17 PM
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