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09-30-00, 06:27 AM
Hey fellow SG'ers:

In response to all the @Home sux threads, I wrote this song in retaliation of there shotty service. Now I am not a @Home user, but I feel all your pain. Grab an MP3 or ur sisters CD of Brtiney Spears thats lyin around and listen to "Oops I did it again", its the only way that this song will make sense. Go to Napster and download it, if you dont have the CD. The song might not make sense if you don't listen to it while reading it. Here it goes:

@Home Did It Again

@Home did it again
They made me believe,
I had an IP, O Baby,
It might seem like they’re smart,
But it doesn’t mean that they’re serious,
Cuz they lose all my packets,
They don’t know what TCP means,
O Baby, Baby

@Home did it again,
I have no IP, I can’t ping my gateway,
O Baby Baby
Oops, my modem lights just went on,
It’s a ping from above,
It’s just a port attack

You see there problem is this,
They’re dreamin away,
Promisin speeds that don’t even exist,
I’ve been waiting for days,
But you see I’m a fool,
In so many ways,
Cuz I stay with their service,
That is just so typically me


“Prey, before you go,
There is something that we’d like you to have!”
“O man I can’t believe it, but wait a minute, isn’t this…”
“Yes, yes it is”
“But I thought that my neighbor stole my IP”
“Well, we cut his service, and got it back for ya”
“Awww, you shouldn’t have”

@Home… did it again to my node,
It got lost, in this maze of fiber feeds,
Oops you, think that their speeds are top notch
They’re not that innocent


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Cable Guy
09-30-00, 09:56 AM
LOLOLOL! Good one!

Its the cable guy!

09-30-00, 02:04 PM
ahahaha lol =)

09-30-00, 04:52 PM
Truer Words have never been spoken!
ROTFL!!! Bravo Bravo!!!



10-03-00, 01:55 AM
f*ck you guys.i have @home and it's awesome.you guys all want god damn 50 megabytes a second downloads.the only thing i can say is that everyone is spoiled.i used to have 56k and remember those years...mani am so grateful for @home,the service is awesome and a HELLUVA ALOT FASTER THAN 56K!! just think about the 5k top speed and constant disconnections of 56k and lower.be grateful for @home if you have it.

10-03-00, 02:09 AM
RELAX!! powerfulsquid, I have @home and I like it too, but that parody rocks. come on man, it's only a joke.


10-03-00, 05:17 AM
Man, I don't wanna get started with this kid, so i'll leave him alone, little foul mouthed punk.

Lex Luthor
10-03-00, 11:02 AM
Who wants to write an OOL song? http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif


10-03-00, 10:17 PM
Ummm 20-30KBs damn straight they have a reson to complain look here u r paying for speeds that are as they put it "OVER A 100 TIMES FASTER than a 28.8" so there we would be happy if we GOT WHAT WE PAYED FOR. I am GLAD you are one of the few who got a good connection.

10-03-00, 10:21 PM
Someone get some water, the flames are comming!!

10-03-00, 10:31 PM
20-30k a second.c'mon..is that really slow!?

What are you on? First of all I am presuming you mean 20-30 Killo-bytes per second, which are absolutely horrible speeds for a cable modem. Anyone who takes that kind of service sitting down needs an evaluation.

10-04-00, 12:43 AM
it may be a joke but i'm sick of people always complaining,i have friends with @home and they're always complaing they go too slow at 20-30k a second.c'mon..is that really slow!? i'd like to see someone here create a service like @home without any problems.

10-05-00, 06:58 PM
No sh#$ that guy doesnt know what hes talkin about. I have speeds of 20-30kbps and it sux big time. DSL offers an average speed higher than this. Is this smokin sh$# or what?

10-05-00, 07:02 PM
lol to much!

10-05-00, 10:39 PM
yea..i apologize..hehe..after experiencing the problems i am now,i understand..but 30KB a sec is fast enough for me,but others may disagree,obviously,but i was wrong..@home does suck..if it wasn't the only cable provider i could get..i'd switch but there is noone else around here but @home and dsl..so until i find another company,i got to stick with @home.also,when you say anyone who takes that service sitting down needs an evaluation,what do you mean? i'm paying $40 a month for it while other people are paying $20 a month for 56k AOL or another dial up access service and are going top 5KB a sec.who really needs the evaluation there? but i still admit i was wrong.@home is good at times but also sucks when they can't fix your problems as fast as you want,as in my case.

10-06-00, 10:30 PM
I work for @Home, and in regards to your song, have you been speaking to my customers. (lolololololol), good song!!!!!!!

10-07-00, 04:26 AM
Originally posted by tc720:
I work for @Home, and in regards to your song, have you been speaking to my customers. (lolololololol), good song!!!!!!!

wow, you didn't get offended. How noble of you, LOL http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif.

10-07-00, 11:14 AM
OOL OOL DOODLES ALL day LONG OODLES MY NOODLES aghh damn gota think of another isp song , oool is just to hard to sing.

10-08-00, 10:35 PM
That song is pretty sweet! You gotta take that thing to Weird Al Yanckovic!!!!!!!!!

p2ii has left the building!!!!!!