View Full Version : Need to know drivers for Sony PCG-FX370

02-21-04, 03:37 AM
Hi all...Im reinstalling this laptop with XP but then in the middle of setup, it would go to black screen and just hang there. I tried windows 2000 and it works fine, but it doesn't have enough driver. Right now it has a question mark for the network card, a PCI, and a Unknown device. I have searched all over and cannot find any other drivers to install beside sound, and video at Sony site. I really dont' understand why the hell they dont' have the network card driver on their site. Please helppppp!!!

02-21-04, 08:06 AM
www.driverguide.net members is login and all is password do a search there have all sorts of drivers.

02-21-04, 01:07 PM
Thnak you, I have tried that too and even wished they have a driver for either one os so I can use either one. Some how none is found for NIC. Even in windows 2k, it still won't load a generic nic driver. I somehow, after hours of searching, managed to find out the type of driver and it's a Intel pro 100B model and from there I was able to dl a driver from Intel and it works now. That was the worse product driver and description I ever had from such a great product line. Now I still have the question mark under device manager for a PCI and a Unknown device. Anwyas, thatnks alot do you know why XP would hang there with a black screen and a prompt during setup??