View Full Version : Running to hard drives

02-20-04, 08:22 PM
I am running a new WD 120gig hard drive IDE with98se. Thats the main boot. Now I have here an old 8gig hard drive. I would like to put my XP on here and play around with it before I put it to use on my mine hard drive. Computer is a gateway select750. Upgared to 388 memeory, 128mb video card. Nothing real big. I just want to boot between the two. Any help or point in the right direction, Thank you.

02-20-04, 09:25 PM
Connect your second drive make sure it shows up. After that restart and boot to the XP disk. There you will have to option do a new install of windows. After that there will be a screen that shows your two hard drives. Your old 8gig drive should be on the bottom but check the sizes to make sure. Only format (delete partition) on the drive that you want XP on. After that select that empty drive and go from there. XP will install a boot loader for you to select what OS you want during startup.