View Full Version : Antec 380W Power Supply TRUE380 enuf?

02-20-04, 08:27 PM
I'm wondering if the Antec 380W Power Supply TRUE380 has enuf power for my system i'm getting

1. Intel 3.2 GHz/800Hz FSB CPU
2. P4C800 Deluxe motherboard
3. 2GB DDR RAM(4 pcs 512MB PC3200 DDR400)
4. ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB graphics card
5. Antec SuperLanboy Case
6. Sony Floppy drive
7. Two SATA WD RAPTOR 36GB on raid 0
8. Toshiba quiet DVD drive
9. Samsung quiet CD-RW drive

Is the Antec 380W got enuf power for this system? i wont be upgrading much more, but would like enuf space to upgrade a bit without PSU going out.

02-20-04, 08:28 PM

I'm running 5 hard drives with other components being close from a 430watt truepower, so you wont have a problem.

02-20-04, 10:09 PM
should be good enough...though I'd still get a True400 or 430 instead...
just in case... :p

02-20-04, 10:24 PM
Yea, maybe ill get the TRU430, its not much more expensive either. Thanx for your help.

02-20-04, 10:45 PM
Heck yeah, more than enough. You can get more if you want to fall to the "mine's bigger than yours" race...but a quality 380 like that is more than fine.