View Full Version : A building another duallie

02-20-04, 02:19 PM
So wondering what to do with these 2x PIII 750's I took from the DC Server when I put in the pair-o-gigers!

So said to myself..."Self...hey Asus made a duallie PIII socket 370 board, haven't seen one...Abit dominated that market with the VP-6. I think I'll get one!"

So I buzzed around eBay, found an Asus CUV4X-D with 1 hour left on a low bid, and snagged it. On it's way to me next week.

Time to get my Small Business Server running at home again, do a lot more setup on it this time.

02-20-04, 05:12 PM
i didnt know asus made socket 370's, havent heard much about those, it was always tyan tiger, iwill , and other dual sockets, or maybe 4-5 yrs ago i was such a newbie i wouldnt have known.

02-20-04, 06:19 PM
how much was it?